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University dormitories

Dormitory deposit: 100 EUR

Opole University of Technology has four dormitories PRYZMA, ZYGZAK, ZAŚCIANEK and SOKRATES with almost 1378 places available for our students. 

Three dorms (Pryzma, Zygzak, Zaścianek) are located at I Campus (16 Mikołajczyka Street) with easy access to:

  • University Conference Center (Łącznik building)
  • Student Service Center (COS)
  • canteen (STREFA)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • some facilities of Faculty of Production Engineering and Logistics
  • International Relations Office

Sokrates Dorm is located at 22 Małopolska Street about 15 min walk from I Campus.

The cost of place in one of our dormitories :

Zaścianek, Pryzma

  • A place in room: 350 zł
  • Single room: 460 zł

Zaścianek -Łącznik

  • A place in room: 400 zł
  • Single room („Łącznik”): 560 zł


  • A place in a module (composed of two rooms and shared bathroom): 400 zł
  • Single room in a module: 510 zł
  • Single room: 600 zł


  • A place in a triple room: 350 zł
  • A place in a double room: 370 zł
  • Single room: 480 zł