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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



Technical and mathematical talents, scientific mind, attitude characterised with search for the new technical and technological solutions.


A modern, foreign language and 2 subjects from the following: mathematics, information technology, physics (with astronomy), chemistry, Polish language.


Regardless of the doomed visions painted by futurologists of machines taking the control over the world and a human being, machines are our biggest and most valuable assistance for the time being. They support industry, medicine, agriculture, and many other disciplines, making it impossible to run and live in the modern society without the automation. The graduates of mechanics and machine construction are prepared to participate in design, generation, montage, supervision, exploitation or even testing a wide variety of machines and appliances, their elements as well as whole production systems both in industrial entrepreneurships and in design, technological and scientific units. 



The programme lasts 7 semesters in the daily, full – time mode - S (on site) and 7 semesters in the part – time mode - NS (extramural). The studies are completed with obtaining a Bachelor degree (inżynier).

The basic educational contents include e.g.: mathematics and technical mechanics or materials strength.

The facultative educational contents cover subject blocs such as e.g.:

  • construction and exploitation of machines,
  • engineering graphics,
  • material science and production engineering,
  • technical thermodynamics,
  • automation control and robotics,
  • metrology and measurement systems.

The degree programme is also complemented with subjects of general and humanistic – social blocks as well as subjects from the area of information technology and programming, ergonomics, intellectual property protection, economy basics and negotiation in business.

Since the 2017/2018 academic year we also offer degree programme led in the English language at the department of Mechanical Engineering - 7 semesters in the daily, full – time mode (S). 


The programme lasts 3 semesters in the daily, full – time mode – S (on site) and 3 semesters in the part – time mode – NS (extramural).

They are completed with obtaining a Master’s degree (magister inżynier)

The basic educational content is implemented with e.g. analytical mechanics. 

Nevertheless, a group of facultative educational content comprises e.g.:  

  • supportive modelling of machine design,
  • contemporary engineering materials,
  • mechanics of automobiles movement,
  • integrated systems of generation.


  • computer support of generation and quality engineering (S, NS),

The graduates obtain knowledge and skills in the area of mechanical engineering, machines and technological appliances operation, automation of technological processes, computer support of generation processes, production engineering and production management.

  • computer support of machines designing and testing (S, NS),

The graduates obtain knowledge and skills in the area of numerical methods utilization in the machines design and testing, evaluation of construction durability and the course of its deterioration, computer optimization methods and record of construction and mechatronic systems.

  • industrial machines and appliances (S, NS),

The graduates obtain knowledge and skills within the scope of course evaluation, mechanical and thermal – diffusion operations in apparatus and process appliances, construction and generation technologies of process apparatus, design installations and networks applying computer techniques and engineering system safety. 

  • automobiles and tractors (S, NS),

The graduates obtain knowledge and skills in the area of building and design rules of automobiles construction elements, mechanics evaluation and energy intensity of automobile movement as well as diagnosis and automobiles homologation.

  • advanced methodology of design in energetics (S, NS),

The graduates obtain knowledge and skills in the area of design, constructing and exploitation of machines and energetic devices. They also possess the abilities of utilizing information technology tools for design – constructive or simulative estimations of typical elements of energetic apparatus, and also to design and simulate the processes and systems of energetic both conventional and alternative one, including the renewable one.

  • computer aided engineering (S) – Major conducted in the English language .

The positive assessment granted by the Polish Accreditation Committee guarantees a high level of education quality.