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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



Interest in the impact of industry on the environment, attitude characteristic for searching for innovative solutions, scientific mind, aspiration for understanding the rules of sustainable development.


The relation between a human and the environment is unbreakable, eternal and so strict that not only humanity cannot live outside nature but also, due to human functioning, existence of nature cannot be maintained without the human help in many cases.

Therefore, the graduates of the environmental engineering department, as specialists of limiting the effects of negative industrial impact on the environment, rational management of energy, waste management or air protection, create and reinforce that relation with nature through working in research and development units in administration, design offices and a wide range of companies searching for the most profitable relations within the entity human –industry – nature.  

The graduates of environmental engineering department may apply for building qualifications without limitations within the area of networks installation Major, installation and heating appliances, ventilation, and gas, water, and sewage ones. Additionally, they may apply for building qualifications in limited possibilities within the area of construction – building Major.



The programme lasts 3 semesters in the daily, full – time mode – S (on site) and 3 semesters in the part – time mode – NS (extramural). They are completed with obtaining a Master’s degree (magister inżynier).

The basic educational contents, common for all the Majors, cover e.g.: environmental chemistry, spatial planning, environmental management, reliability and safety of engineering systems.

The facultative educational contents, common for all the Majors, cover e.g.: such blocks of subjects as:

  • proecological technologies,
  • renewable sources of energy,
  • environmental monitoring,
  • technology and organization of installation works.


  • Energy and waste management (S),

The graduate of that Major will encounter knowledge on rationalization of use and management of energy in industry and communal economy. The connection of such knowledge and skills enabling to manage the waste efficiently will provide the possibility of holding key positions connected with broadly understood environment protection.  Completion of the Major enables to approach the positions connected with thermal processing of waste and renewable energy sources. An extra asset of graduates of that Major is disposing of education enabling to apply for installation qualifications without limits within the area of networks, installations and telecommunication appliances as well as civil constructions.  

  • Water – sewage management (S),

The graduates will obtain professional knowledge, skills and competence connected with water – sewage management encompassing differentiated aspects of law, technology, organization, economy, and management.

  • processes and appliances of environment protection (S),

The graduates obtain knowledge and skills connected with the area of mechanical operations implementation evaluation and thermal – diffusion in apparatus and process devices utilized in engineering and environment protection as well as their design with the use of computer technology. The degree programme is also complemented with subjects of general and humanistic – social studies as well as subjects within the area of information technology, programming and industrial safety.   

The graduates of that Major will find employment in design offices and agencies, chemical and food industry, cement and coke industry, heating and power stations, and in many other branches where the knowledge of engineering aspects and industrial apparatus utilized in environment protection is indispensable.  

  • sanitary, thermal and ventilation installations (S),

Completion of this Major, much appreciated on the job market, the graduate gains access to a wide market of employment possibilities, especially in the places where the knowledge on sanitary installations is important. Both practical and theoretical competence acquired during the studies will lead to a very good preparation for holding many important functions in the industry and communal economy. The skills will be also valuable in local administration work e.g. in housing economy. This is a Major enabling to apply for installation qualifications within the area of networks, telecommunication installations and appliances or building constructions.

  • advanced technologies in environmental engineering (S) – English language Major,

ATEE graduates are able to design, maintain and operate the systems of air protection, treatment of water and wastewater, waste or energy management as well as work in the private sector, industry and governmental administration. The profile of the graduate is suitable for working at universities in research and development institutions.

  • sewage and waste management (NS),

The graduate of the environment engineering department with the Major in sewage and waste management is prepared to plan and design, manage the execution and exploitation and to conduct research works in the area of processes technology, appliances and installation for sewage treatment, water protection and municipal and industrial waste disposal and utilisation as well as in the area of environment cleanliness control.  

  • energetic processes (NS).

The graduate of that Major will be perfectly qualified to fulfil the occupational role in the decisive appointments in the area of rational management of energy in broadly understood energetic processes. His/her knowledge and skills will enable to solve technical problems e.g. in the area of renewable sources of energy, technological processes or thermal methods of waste processing. Additionally, he/she will be thoroughly educated being able to pertain for installation qualifications without limits within the area of networks, installations and telecommunication appliances as well as within building constructions.  

Positive assessments granted by the Polish Accreditation Committee and Accreditation Committee of Technical Universities to the department guarantee a high level of educational quality.