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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Interest in the human impact on the environment, attitude characteristic for searching for innovative solutions, scientific mind, aspiration for understanding the rules of sustainable development.

The relation between a human and the environment is unbreakable, eternal and so strict that not only humanity cannot live outside nature but also, due to human functioning, existence of nature cannot be maintained without the human help in many cases.

Therefore, the graduates of the environmental engineering programme, as specialists of limiting the effects of negative industrial impact on the environment, rational management of energy, waste management or air protection, create and reinforce that relation with nature through working in research and development units in administration, design offices and a wide range of companies searching for the most profitable relations within the entity human –industry – nature.


Studies last 7 semesters. The graduates finish the programme with the title of a professional engineer.

The contents of education during the studies covers such issues as mathematics, environmental biology with the basics of ecology, environmental management, air protection, water and sewage management and waste management, sanitary networks and installations, restructuring of devastated areas and spatial information systems, technical mechanics and strength of materials.

The graduate acquires the right to apply for special professional qualifications, including in the field of sanitary installations and networks as well as construction and construction, as well as technological and organizational construction.