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Faculty of Economics and Management



Management skills, interpersonal skills, decision – making ease, continuous development awareness.


A modern, foreign language and two of the following subjects: physics, geography, history, information technology, Polish language, mathematics, social studies.

Management graduates are among the most wanted people to be employed onto the managerial positions in different organizations, regardless of the type of ownership or organizational – legal status. In light of dynamic fluctuations in the modern market economy, each company requires an efficient manager.  

The students of management department take part in interesting and diversified programmes led by experienced faculty. They acquire knowledge, skills and competences desired by the employers.

They explore thoroughly the rules governing the modern market economy, qualitative and quantitative methods of management, capital – financial market, corporate finance and social issues connected with managing an organization.

The obtained knowledge, skills and competences are complemented by the students with a wide range of facultative subjects from the area of e.g.: application of information technologies in modern organizations, marketing in trade and service, trade and international investments, e-business, sociology and psychology of management or ergonomics.  

The cooperation between the Faculty of Economy and Management and regional corporations provides the students of management department with an opportunity to take up interesting internships and promising student work placements.  

Workshops and courses are organized for the students who also can engage themselves in student scientific centres. There is also a possibility to participate in free classes of the Chinese language.  

A management department student may spend one semester (or a year) on one of 150 partner universities under the auspices of international student scholarship exchange Erasmus+.

The assessment granted by the Polish Accreditation Committee to the department guarantees a high level of education quality.   


The programme lasts 6 semesters in the daily, full – time mode – S (on site) and 6 semesters in the part – time mode – NS (extramural).

The studies are completed with obtaining a Bachelor degree (licencjat).

The basic educational content includes e.g.:  

  • foundations of management,
  • basic issues of an organization,
  • micro economy,
  • law,
  • finances.

The facultative contents include:

  • organizational behaviour,
  • project management,
  • human resources management,
  • foundations of marketing and marketing research,
  • accounting and corporate finances.

A wide range of selectable subjects prepared by the faculty of the department of management renders attractive solutions for the students who are eager to decide about their own profile of education.

The selectable contents include e.g.:

  • innovations in business,
  • management of small companies,
  • methods and techniques of management,
  • communication inside a team,
  • foundations of e-commerce.


The programme lasts 4 semesters in the daily, full – time mode – S (on site) and 4 semesters in the part – time mode – NS (extramural).

They are completed with a Master’s degree (magister).

The basic educational contents include: e.g.:

  • management,
  • ethics in management,
  • macro economy.

The facultative contents include e.g.:

  • strategic management,
  • process management,
  • marketing in business,
  • managerial accounting,
  • negotiations in business.


  • managerial marketing (S, NS); exemplary facultative subjects: contemporary marketing concepts, communication with a client, creative marketing strategy, brand management; exemplary selectable subjects: new product launching, personal marketing, own brand building, analysis of market and market information, sales management.
  • corporation management (S, NS); exemplary facultative subjects: management of a corporation and market conditions, financial and capital services market, prognosing and simulations; exemplary selectable subjects: risk management, enterprise value management, international corporations, management of relations with the environment;
  • human resources management (S, NS); exemplary facultative subjects: chosen aspects of intercultural aspects, managerial training, personal controlling; exemplary selectable subjects: work quality and evaluation, time management and personal development management, work costs analysis, management psychology, personal marketing.