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Justyna Kowalczyk, a cross-country skier, Otylia Jędrzejczak, a swimmer, Tomasz Majewski, a shot putter - what do they have in common? They were all members of the AZS, which is also very active at the Opole University of Technology. Marcin Świerc, a long-distance runner, ultra-marathon runner, used to be a member of AZS in Opole.  AZS is not only the Academic Sports Association. The acronym (in Polish original) is said to stand for Atmosphere, Fun and Sport. You will find there dedicated people, and a way to stay active, a change of pace from everyday life and a chance to stay young throughout your life. It's worth being in the AZS! The awareness of being an "azetesiak” (an AZS-member)  is very high at the Opole University of Technology. Participation in leagues and successes in national competitions prove that the sports spirit at the OUTech is in excellent shape. Students have at their disposal a well-equipped sports hall with an indoor running track, a gym and a mirror room. We are also the organizers of many events from the editions of the Polish Championships and the Polish Academic Championships.

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