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Fluency in a foreign language is already a standard requirement in the labor market. And the more exotic the language, the greater the chance of being hired.  In addition to learning a foreign language during the traditional study curriculum, we have two suggestions for you.

The first is the University's Language Center, where classes are conducted in such a way that everyone can improve and solidify all language skills: conversation, listening, writing and reading. In addition to the compulsory English and German language courses at all levels of study, the Center offers courses in English, German, Spanish, Russian and Polish as a foreign language at all levels. It is also a preparation center for Cambridge English exams.

The second proposal is the Confucius Institute operating at our university, which not only teaches Chinese, but also offers lectures on culture, economy and the possibility of going on a scholarship to the Middle Kingdom. We assure you that a university graduate who knows Chinese will have no problem finding a job - 2020 was a record year when it comes to Chinese investments in Poland, which exceeded $ 1 billion. This means that Polish companies are looking for and will be looking for qualified specialists to cooperate with the Chinese.

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